ZENZELE in the Xhosa language means

‘to make something out of nothing’

ZENZELE sources, develops and sells Modern African Recycle Art, empoweringthe artist and raising awareness about Art, culture and  sustainability.

We travel to Africa, search for the best recycle artists and establish close, long-term relationships. We purchase their work at fair trade prices and present it to an international market.

ZENZELE has been in operation since 2004, organizing exhibitions and selling its art in galleries, shops and markets in Europe, aswell as organising Artist Residencies in Spain.

ZENZELE is the soul project of the Artist/film maker/curator, Suzanne Karakashian, French-Armenian, born in South Africa

“I love this art that inspires thought and creativity. It teaches us that through invention and love, we can transform trash into inspirational Artworks, passionate representations of personal life and struggles, bringing light to African culture and a message of hope to our modern world.”